Feature film directed by Lorcan Finnegan, produced by Fantastic Films (IRL 2019)

Our work on Vivarium

Vivarium directed by Lorcan Finnegan is a science fiction thriller starring

Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg. The film is taking place in the mysterious maze-like suburb of Yonder.

Our main job in the VFX team was the create the location combining the studio set of 3 partly build houses and front yards, with CG extensions and plate shoots from the studio and various real location to for one giant uniform place.

My long time collaborator Peter Hjorth was the production VFX supervisor and we had a vast team from Benuts in Belgium and a couple of smaller teams from TGB VFX and Space Office in Denmark to carry out the shots. We later even brought in VFX teams from Canada and Ireland to finish off the last of the load.

From early pre-production Peter was in detailed dialogue with Lorcan and the other creatives of the project to ensure that the set was built in a way that reduced the VFX and could be used to shoot multiple layers for extending the streets.