Feature film directed by Ole Bornedal, produced by MISO Film (DK 2021)

Our work on Shadows In My Eye

Shadows In My Eye is a director Ole Bornedal’s breath taking film about the biggest tragedy in Denmark during WWII, the accidental bombing by RAF of the French school in Copenhagen where close to 100 children were killed.

Our VFX task was to recreate Copenhagen 1944 and the bombers journey from England to Denmark describing the claustrophobic conditions of flying 450km/our close to the roof tops to avoid the German anti-aircraft guns. For the second part of the film the VFX team made a huge effort to show the terrible consequences at the school where the surviving children inside and the grieving parents outside tried to find a way to overcome the catastrophe.

The VFX shot was meticulously planned by VFX supervisors Peter Hjorth and Sebastian Coudron and after the shoot the big team at Umedia headed by VFX producer David Loti and VFX supervisor Nicloas Dandrade took over. A huge task to get the exact feeling of sitting in a Mosquito over Jutland and showing the terrible consequences.

Thorough previz of all essential scenes helped not only the editing but even the shoot of the film to convey exactly what the purpose of each singe shot should be. Based on the always super creative storyboards by Sune Elskjær and reference photos from Ole and Production Designer Sabine Hviid, the VFX work integrates extremely well in the visual style of the film set by DOP Lasse Frank Johannessen.

Tak a look at the breakdown below to see a breakdown of what the team accomlished. 

For our work Sebastian, Nikolas and I were awarded the Danish Academy Award the "Robert", truely an award for the whole team.