Netflix original series by creator Adam Price, produced by SAM productions (DK 2020)

Our work on Ragnarok

Netflix commissioned this mythical environmental thriller series by creator Adam Price. Mogens Hagedorn and Jannik Johansen directed the first season with an awesome Danish team including DOP Philippe Kress and productions designer Mette Rio.

I produced the VFX with supervisors Esben Syberg and Andreas Thomsen. GHOST VFX and CAMEO helped the young gods and giants of the story release their powers including a fierce dog fight, long distance hammer throws and plenty of lightening.

The team at GHOST VFX did an amazing job creating the very realistic dog for a decisive fight against our hero, and their shots works seamless along the live dog and a puppet made by always amazing Morten Jacobsen.

In addition, GHOST VFX created the impressive exterior of the home of the giants, an important landmark in the small town of the story.

As part of their work CAMEO added thousands of barrels of toxic waste to enhance the tension of the key scenes towards the end of season 1.