Feature Film directed by Joakim Trier, produced by Motlys (NO 2017)

Our work on Thelma

Joakim Triers film brought us as far north as Kiruna for part of the shoot. Less than 5 hours of daylight and -17C outside for some beautiful icy lake shots and the next day in a +32C pool - some weather change!

I organised the underwater shoot as well as more stunt scenes on another Swedish lake setting a man on fire, plus animal plates in Prague at my favourite wrangler Faunafilm. DOP was Jakob Ihre with production design by Roger Rosenberg.

Esben Syberg conducted the supervision of all VFX with teams at GHOST VFX, TGB VFX, Hydralab and Storyline Studios performing excellently. A real example of what Scandinavian VFX can do together.

Some of the work from TGB VFX and Hydralab can be seen here.