Feature film directed by Roar Uthaug, produced by Motion Blur for Netflix (NO 2022)

Our work on Troll

The main scenes of the film were shared between four of the best VFX studios in Scandinavia Ghost VFX and Copenhagen Visuals in Denmark, Gimpville in Norway and Swiss in Sweden. Additional VFX was supplied by OPCM, Varg Studios and Static VFX plus a number of freelancers who all delivered important work for the film.

Troll was by far the biggest challenge I have met as a production visual effects producer. With my old friend and colleague production visual effects supervisor Esben Syberg we worked with the biggest team of a Scandinavian feature film to date.

Luckily we were able to create a fantastic creative collaboration from the very beginning of the project. Starting over a year from the film shoot with the creature design, brilliantly performed by Einar Martinsson.

From the design and scans of our main locations previz artist Alf Løvvold made visualisations of all major scenes with the troll, an invaluable tool for preparing the shoot of the VFX scenes. Here is an example of a scene from Alf and more can be found on his webpage here.

The film is a case study of what Scandinavian VFX can do these days and how we on a (big!) Scandinavian budget can deliver world class effects.

As a bonus we got to play with one of the biggest virtual production shoots in Scandinavia to date.

Below you can find a BTS from Netflix on the creation of Troll and VFX breakdowns from Ghost and Gimpville.