Netflix original series direced by Jonas Åkerlund, produced by Scandinanvian Content Group (SWE 2022)

Our work on Clark

Clark is a tour de force of a series directed by Jonas Åkerlund with a unique mix of humour, action, sex and different visual styles.

The series is the story of the notorious Swedish bank robber Clark Olofson and wee developed different unique looks for the different eras of his life from the early 1950's to late 1980's.

The visual effects work spanned from a talking foetus and a car crash to explosions, tacky 80's style TV intros and extensive period fixes of locations from Lithuania, Croatia and Sweden depicting Copenhagen, Hamburg, Beirut, Brussels and more.

As an extra artistic element, we added two fully animated sequences beautifully made by the creative team at Starburns Industries.

The VFX team had to be big for a show this size and we have worked in four countries to be able to meet the deadlines of this complex show.

The Edisen team from Stockholm headed by visual effects supervisor Fredrik Nord and visual effects producer Martin Nilsson did some of the most challenging shots of the film which you can see in the breakdown here.

Other big parts of the VFX work were done in Denmark by Hitch headed by supervisors Ian Bach and Bjørn Munch and in India by NetFX.