De Første Dagene

Short film directed by Nina Knag, produced by Chezville (NO 2019)

Our work on De Første Dagene

When young Norwegian director Nina Knag was working on her third short film my EAVE producer friend Gary Cranner asked me to come on board to assist on the VFX. This was the first opportunity for us to work together and I naturally jumped in, despite the fact that projects of this kind do not have a big budget for anything, let alone the effects.

The task ahead was to make Nina's vision of people flying off into the skies in a poetic way that would fit the rest of the film.

I had had the pleasure of working with the DOP Nadim Carlsen and brought in a stunt team from Denmark for the shoot in beautiful Stavanger.

With me on set I had supervisor Sunit Parekh of Hydralab and my old colleague Peter Hartwig carried out the shots in post.

It took a lot of rehearsals with the stunt team led by Deni Jordan to get the action to a point where we could take over in VFX.