Gidseltagningen / Below the Surface 2

Original drama series directed by Christian E. Christiansen and Mogens Hagedorn for Discovery Denmark produced by SAM Productions (DK 2019)

Our work on Below the Surface

This was my first opportunity to be responsible for the VFX of an entire season of a drama series.

The directors of the second season Christian E. Christiansen and Mogens Hagedorn each represented plenty of experience and with production designer Thomas Bremer our main challenge was that the main part of the story takes place on a ferry and the budget could only carry very few days on open sea.

Show supervisor Thomas Dyg was brought on, and we found a cost effective and very practical way of adding green screen to the windows without having to climb on the outside of the ferry.

Another challenge was the create plausible scene from the Syrian war but shot in a gravel pit in Denmark.

Thomas Dyg and his boutique team did an excellent job extending the view for the scenes and showrunner Jesper Bernt was very happy with the result.