Feature film directed by Tarik Saleh, produced by 30West and Icon Films (USA 2022)

Our work on the Contractor

The Contractor is directed by Tarik Saleh from Sweden and is my second collaboration with Tarik after The Nile Hilton Insident. Most of the same key crew worked on the two films including DOP Pierre Aim, production designer Roger Rosenberg, editor Theis Schimidt and my good colleague on VFX: Supervisor Peter Hjorth.

Shot in Romania but with a story taking place in Berlin a lot of our work work was to correct the environment to match Germany.

But as this is also a film with lots of action we did of course also get our share of bloodspatter, muzzle flashes and general mayhem. 

We shot some VFX plates with a minicrew in Denmark, a specialty of Peter Hjorth and got a chance to use the safe movie guns from Copenhagen Industries.

In post production we worked with our good friends at Edisen in Stockholm and Static VFX in Bukarest. Great teams who both kept on going through the ususal re-edits where VFX scenes grew (or shrunk) in complexity over the more than 12 months we worked during Covid.

The team at Edisen made this breakdown of their part of our work: