Feature film directed by Tarik Saleh, produced by Atmo Film (SE 2017)

Our work on Nile Hilton

My first work with director Tarik Saleh was on his Swedish / Egyptian crime thriller the Nile Hilton Incident. We are now i prep for our third project!

As always production VFX supervisor Peter Hjorth raised the creative bar of the project and with teams at GHOST VFX in Viborg and Copenhagen we transformed the location in Morocco to look like Cairo under President Mubaraks regime. DOP Pierre Aim and production designer Roger Rosenberg created the tough visuals.

The last line of the script was a textbook example of how one short line in the script can become a big scene in the VFX department. The line read: The camera tracks back and we see millions of people

Peter had 100 extras for the plate shoot in Casablanca!