Feature film directed by Poul Berg, produced by Toolbox Film (DK 2019)

Our work on Hacker

Writer/director Poul Berg had his director debut with this youth thriller.

As the title indicates a lot of the action is tied to what happens on screens.

VFX supervisor Ian Bach of Slowmotion FX is a bit of a tech wizard and he and his team created loads of screen content, even live coding synced with the actors keys strokes. 

With a mix of preproduced screen content for background and inserts for the stuff timed to action Ian and production designer Thomas Bremer created a look and a sense of tension and surveillance to the police headquarter and the young protagonist.

In addition to producing the VFX I coordinated the full postproduction process in Denmark and Sweden, where colourist Michael Cavanagh rom Way Creative tied the look excellently together in collaboration with DOP Bet Rourich.