Boy From Heaven

Feature film directed by Tarik Saleh, produced by Atmo (SWE 2022)

Our work on Boy From Heaven

Boy From Heaven is my third film with director Tarik Saleh and creative team DOP Pierre Aim, Production Designer Roger Rosenberg, Editor Theis Schmidt and of course production visual effects supervisor Peter Hjorth. A rare treat to be working with the same team over several projects.

The main challenge of this film was to fill the islamic University in Cairo with students. when we only had a limited number of extras and costumes while filming in Turkey. The team from Haymaker headed by VFX supervisor Alex Hansson and VFX producer Andreas Hylander did an outstanding job with digital extras and help us fill the scenes with people. See their breakdown below.

To create the feeling of being in central Cairo we worked with the team at Post Control in Finland adding posters, city view from the minarets and a lot more subtle effects. You can see some of it in the breakdown here.